Summer Conference History

The history of the summer conference is surprisingly old when viewed from its predecessor, and its end begins with the 1st Political Affairs Seminar in 1966. At that time, 20 years after the war, Japan was beginning to take the path of a new economic superpower at the turning point of the Tokyo Olympics. The Junior Chamber, which was a gathering of young business people responsible for post-war economic recovery, naturally expanded its perspective and became aware of the future of the country and Japan in the world. By the way, President Tsuji of the time worked on political issues after Toyama President of the previous year awakened to political consciousness through labor noise measures. This was because the case of Shoji Tanaka came to light in the spring of that year, the scandals of political circles drew public attention, and the people were full of distrust and alienation of politics. It was a situation in which the conventional approach was broken in the situation that the government did not actively intervene due to the basic principle that political parties, especially elections, should not be biased toward one party and one party. Is. Therefore, paying attention to the fact that many young politicians at that time gathered in Karuizawa during the summer to avoid summer, they visited Karuizawa during this period, held a seminar on political issues, and shared their opinions on their countries and the world. This seminar was to be held in order to know the direction of the country and the movement of the world by listening and exchanging opinions.